Assignment 305 task b completed

This may involve discussion with the individual or seeking the advice of an expert.

Risk can be minimised by the support of others, who can be staff, family, friends, etc. The mental capacity of an individual is at the centre of issues relating to consent. When all needs are met we become the best that we can be in all aspects of personality, intellectual, social and emotional life, he calls this Self Actualisation.

Feeling valued as an individual is vital to increasing self-esteem and confidence, and making people feel good about themselves. This is because people have the fundamental right to be safe, so workers have a legal and moral duty of care to keep people safe and ensure their needs are met. It is a carefully thought out strategy for managing a specific situation or set of circumstances.

We can make individual plans and requirements to suit the specific needs of an individual. To give valid consent, people need to be able to access, understand and process information relating to the decision they are making.

How does the environment promote an individual's wellbeing? Everyone likes to feel needed sometimes. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. This does not necessarily mean that the person making the decision does not have capacity.

Many possible changes can be identified with the help of staff, residents and relatives and often made with little expense. To describe a range of approaches to help individuals Assignment 305 task b completed make informed choices and how to avoid these being influenced by professionals.

However, in promoting independence, individual responsibility for taking risks must be a balance between safeguarding someone from harm and enabling them to lead a more independent life where they effectively manage risks themselves.

It could be a recipe they can recommend or gardening tip. If a service operates within the model of active participation it should be well on the way to promoting a positive culture in relation to risk.

It can affect their confidence and enthusiasm, so positive, constructive feedback that is focused on the work rather than on the learner, aids in better learning and motivation.

Consent is demonstrated when an individual either verbally or non-verbally indicates what they are willing to do or allow a third party to do to or for them. Others may be well supported, but lack the confidence or experience to take control of their lives.

They may not have the power to decide their own lifestyle. You have a vitally important role in the empowerment of people to become independent.

This will enable you to inform the service users of these risks. Biv The national minimum standards are explicit in focusing on the individual.

If the service user asks for your help in making their decision you must ensure that your own views do not influence their decision. The possibility that an event will occur with harmful outcomes for a particular person or others with whom they come into contact.

Preparation of what to assess makes for easier lesson planning, and tracking success of the teaching approaches they use. Wellbeing of individual's It's vital that health and social care workers recognise the importance of well-being - this word refers to more than just the person's happiness but includes their physical and mental health, emotional and intellectual fulfilment and overall contentment.

What should a social care worker do if they cannot gain consent or is unsure of the response? Then work with the person to draw up an active participation plan to improve on this situation. Praise, encouragement and recognition of people's achievements The involvement of carers and relatives Involving people in assessments and review Being sensitive to people's individual needs Working as a team with your colleagues Focusing on people's strengths and talents Task: Use your knowledge and understanding from previous learning and you experiences at work!Assignment Understand person-centred approaches in adult social care settings Task B Reflective account (HSC ) Bi Write a reflective account detailing an example of how you have, or could have, used a person centred approach in a sensitive or complex account must contain a description of how person centred values were.

Below is an essay on "Nvq Level 3 Assignment Task B:" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Assignment (Eg. Black ball point pen only, always ensure all record-writing is completed by the end of your shift, etc) Think about the purpose of the record/5(1).

Understanding assessment in education and training – Assignment 305 (Task B)

task B electronic Read the following specifications in conjunction with the drawings and then complete all questions in this task. This task may be completed using the resources available such as reference books or the internet. This task is open book and you are allowed to bring in research notes.

Assignment Guide August. Unit – Task B Bi) See reflective account Bii) A care plan is about the individual and their preferences, needs and wishes, it should give others clear information on these aspects in order for them to give accurate care of which the individual has consented to.

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Read more about PTLLS Assignment 1 PTLLS Assignment 2 Summarise the key aspects of current legislative requirements and code of practice relevant to your subject and the type of organisation for which you would like to work.

Assignment 305 task b completed
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