Banking and finance law

Finally, it will provide attendees with practical approaches to improve bank performance. Through these courses, students explore such areas as bankruptcy, corporate finance, corporate governance, corporate tax, cross-border insolvency, mergers and acquisitions, and securities regulation and enforcement.

This course will also cover the time value of money, the risk-return trade-off, liquidity risk, and interest rate risk, as well as the regulatory framework with regard to capital adequacy and Basel II. When you put that all together, you get a postgraduate law course that managed to escape the stiffness and inflexibility of the corporate approach to education, but maintained the capability to prepare you more than adequately for the encounter Banking and finance law the corporate world awaiting.

LLM Degree in Banking & Financial Law

There are three principal types of courses in the Graduate Program: See the relevant country pages under for more information.

You may refuse the use of cookies or withdraw your consent at any time by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. After researching a lot of information about LLM in banking and finance from several universities, I found that QMUL is an outstanding university that provides a wide range of courses in this field.

In both of them, I was involved in the preparation, execution and evaluation of development projects in Latin American countries. In this program, students enroll in core courses including Corporations, International Banking Law, Financial Institutions: The most important of these methods are the so-called financial analysis using financial ratios.

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Banking and Finance

Participants will also learn the basics of portfolio and fund management, with the goal of maximizing returns and minimizing the risk. A BC one-third stater electrum coin from Lydiawhere gold and silver coins were used for the first time Etymology[ edit ] The word bank was borrowed in Middle English from Middle French banque, from Old Italian banco, meaning "table", from Old High German banc, bank "bench, counter".

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In this course, participants will learn the procedures for letters of guarantee LGs and standby letters of credit SBLCsfocusing on the operational aspects and the essential differences between foreign and local LGs.

Banking and Finance

Right after I came to London and first got introduced to the program and the people behind it, my expectations were confirmed — I found a top-quality LLM program without a stiff upper lip, a place where you work hard, but also play hard, a perfect combination.

The program provides participants with all methods used in the collection and settlement of retail banking products, determine the methods of classifying retail banking portfolio arrears and the importance of and how to deal with insolvent clients.

The course also covers the risks in retail banking, different approaches to risk management, including credit scoring techniques, and working with problematic loans.In the banking world, trust is everything.

You want the confidence that only comes from working with a legal team already advising many of the world's major financial players with a proven track record of success.

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Banking in Switzerland

We Serve You from Start to Finish. At Geraci LLP, we understand you expect and need more than legal advice from your lawyers. Banking and finance is at the heart of every economy, providing the means to help businesses expand and investors grow.

Banking, Corporate, and Finance Law

Dentons’ Banking and Finance team operates at the industry’s forefront, working with innovative finance products across the world. Read the latest Banking and Finance news from Australia and the world including Banking updates and reports. Read more Banking News and Financial information at Welcome to the website of the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance (DBF).

We are the state agency that regulates and examines Georgia state-chartered banks, state-chartered credit unions, and state-chartered trust companies. Banking & Finance Law Banking and finance law is a highly sought-after area of law, with financial sectors worldwide relying on legal teams to keep them ship-shape.

If you're considering a career in banking and finance law, use our handy guide to wise up on what it involves, and the skills needed to be successful.

Banking and finance law
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