Privatization reduces corruption

May 25, Well, I thing making government sector private will make a change. Current government is taking steps example like a action of coal block, auction of spectrum etc.

Is privatization a solution to the problem of corruption in India?

To change the default things we should change the settings in our mobile phone like that to this default corruption we should change our mindset. Though yes, privatization does help in a great way to reduce corruption. The situation is so worse that nothing can be done in formal ways and according to the procedures, we have to bribe agents, officers etc.

Apr 2, In my view point, privatisation will definitely reduce the corruption. The situation is pathetic. Similarly, private entities have started to perform tasks that have traditionally been regarded as falling within the government's diplomatic and military authority like participating in peace negotiations, military training, intelligence gathering and other security services or combat-related missions.

So that no one dies out of starvation.

Privatize to reduce corruption

Many policemen were accused and punished as a result they are now afraid and do there work properly. Jan 30, Making Privatization is good concept as it will provide better facility and services for people.

Where there is greed there is corruption.

Privatization will lead to less corruption

We should stop giving and taking the bribes whatever the cost we have to pay for. Such as "Lokpal Bill". Apr 30, Good morning gentleman.

Oct 23, Hi. This will instil a fear of loosing the job among employees. So if we implement some changes in rules the govt sector can also see corruption less environment as losing the business for the private not healthy solution for this. Therefore, the solution of the corruption is the good governance, a good judicial system, stringent law and order system.

Because in private sector every person is always worried about their job security. It employs more number of employees which leads to fewer burdens on the job performance and less reasons to opt for corrupt practices. These economies are successful in placing a well settled and corruption free system while keeping their citizens on priority.

Helps the govt to think upon the huge alternatives available. Also, rules for children giving birth is also very important to make in this country.

But now when it is governed by government. The privatization was controversial, and the its impact is still debated todayas doubling of passenger numbers and investment was balanced by an increase in rail subsidy.

Feb 25, Hello guys, Well I do agree with some of my friends who have mentioned that privatization has no role in removing corruption.

The situation is pathetic. We have the examples of Satyam and 2G scams. These are two different aspects in a way that privatization cannot make any efforts in removing corruption that has to come within ourselves and major part has to be played by the government in removing this. May 25, Well, I thing making government sector private will make a change.

To determine new rules and regulations that work against the corruption in government sector as well as in private sector also and strictly follow by them.But by privatization, we can reduce corruption up to some extent.

• Privatization will reduce corruption because it reduces corporate greed. • Due to the privatization, there will be lots of job opportunities, jobs will be simpler, easier to come by, and easier to keep.

Is privatization a solution to the problem of corruption in India?

Privatization is the process of transferring ownership of a business, enterprise, agency or public service from the public sector to the private sector. In Favor: Employees of private companies are given high salaries, so they are much more motivated to work, and less interested in corruption.


Combating corruption in the public sector Success stories Georgia- Anti- corruption reforms in public services ( and beyond) corruption has been a top priority of every new presidential administration in Korea.

The effort to reduce corruption was an essential part of the large-scale reform project. Corruption (or principal–agent issues) in a state-run corporation affects the ongoing asset stream and company performance, whereas any corruption that may occur during the privatization process is a one-time event and does not affect ongoing cash flow or performance of the company.

Examples of Success: Privatization Reduces Corruption in Health (2) In Lithuania, informal payments have decreased as a result of the development of private health care organizations over the years.

Does Privatization Serve the Public Interest? John B.

Privatization will lead to Less Corruption

Goodman leads to higher costs and creates perceptions of corruption. just because privatization may reduce the role of government in.

Privatization reduces corruption
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