Punishment to juvenile crime in india

Crime by juveniles is a harsh reality in India. The Government of India has already given approval to the new amendments in the Juvenile Justice Act. Reasons for Juvenile Crimes No one is a born criminal.

A Mumbai Police officer explained, "Controlling juvenile crimes is a challenge as it is not merely linked to law and order but also the socio-economic dynamics of the society.

Protest Against Rapes His life of crime began when he was just eight years old in drugs and robbery.

Juvenile Crimes in India

In cases of rape by juveniles too, Maharashtra was among top five states in with 89 cases, next only to Madhya PradeshUP and Rajasthan A brief analysis of views is as follows: We as individuals, parents, guardians and society as a whole have a duty that children should be allowed and provided opportunity to grow up in a healthy socio-cultural environment so that they could become responsible citizens, physically fit, mentally alert and morally healthy.

After he was charged, he was sent to a correction home at SPYM. Ali also pointed out that more IPC crimes were committed by juveniles in Also, a juvenile servant masterminded arobbery and murder of a war hero in Patel Nagar in early June. Link with education and family income; Graphic courtesy: It is the duty of the State to provide equal opportunities for development to all children during the period of their growth which would reduce inequality and ensure social justice.

The judge orders that you live with a relative, or in a group or a foster home; Juvenile hall: Juvenile Crimes in India and Law: Thus, it can be seen that there are strong views in both far and opposition of the change or amendment in Juvenile Justice Act.

According to NCRB data, while Centre for Child Rights said. After he was charged, he was sent to a correction home at SPYM.

Juvenile means a person who is very young, teenager, adolescent or underage.

13 Typical Punishments for Juvenile Offenders

In recent times, juveniles were found to be involved in most heinous of the crimes such as murder and gang rape. An Essay on Juvenile Crime Article shared by Juvenile crime rates have nearly doubled in many countries.

Last year, juveniles were charged with theft. It has been noticed that the increasing number of serious offences being committed by juveniles in the age group of years.

Some of the most common causes which are associated with juvenile crimes are: Later on, the Parliament enacted the Juvenile Justice Care and Protection Act, which raised the age bar to 18 years for both girl and boy. The Times of India Crimes committed by juveniles saw an increase in the capital in The youths are the building blocks of the future.

Juveniles have to face the cruel sides of the world too early and they are not well prepared for it yet. One hundred and sixty three juveniles were apprehended on rape charges and 76 in murder cases last year. No matter what crime, the punishment cannot exceed three years, with their time spent in a reform home.India toughens law for juvenile crimes including rape.

The supporters of the new law say tougher punishment will act as a deterrent. who was 17 at the time of the crime, was sentenced to. Rights of Juvenile in India.

On October 8, October 9, By admin. But the last decade has seen a huge leap in the rate of Juvenile crime in a developing country like India. Today, Juvenile crime is like a disease to our society.

while the court is lenient for giving punishment in case of juveniles and separate act has also been.

Juvenile Crimes in India

Punishment To Juvenile Crime In India  Juvenile Crime and Punishment A controversial topic is whether or not juvenile offenders should be tried as adults Before answering this question, people should consider some underlying facts beforehand.

Mar 01,  · Crime And Punishment For India's Juveniles. In India a juvenile under the age of 18 can only be tried by the Juvenile Justice Board. No matter what crime, the punishment cannot exceed three. Crime by juveniles is a harsh reality in India.

In recent times juveniles were found to be involved in most heinous of the crimes such as murder and gang rape. juveniles booked for murder, 63 held for rape Dwaipayan Ghosh TNN /06/14 The Times of India. New Delhi: The number of juvenile offenders in the city registered a jump in with a hundred apprehended for murder and 63 for rape, a National Crime Records Bureau report has stated.

Punishment to juvenile crime in india
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